Oaxaca Film Fest 5

October 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The Oaxaca Film Fest, in its 5th year, is an all-inclusive and down-to-earth affair, where unknowns and big stars alike feel at home and can mingle together, and this year was no different. The presence of Luke Wilson, A-list actor, writer, and now director, drew a lot of buzz, but since Luke was here with an independent film that had his personal stamp all over it, his visit was appropriate. The half-hour short, Satellite Beach, which he wrote, with older brother Andrew, directed and starred in, is about a guy without credentials who takes it upon himself to help the Endeavor and Atlantis space shuttles reach their final resting places.

As Luke mentioned in interviews, this was not so much a departure from the usual for him so much as a return to how he'd started in the business. Although younger fans may know him through big Hollywood films like Legally Blonde and Old School, my generation will probably always identify him more with his beginnings--Rushmore, and, the film he helped write with his other older brother, Bottle Rocket.

The best part of Luke and producer Steve Eckelman's visit for me as the festival photographer, beyond covering their visit to a local school and Monte Álban, was having the chance to take the strictly documentary approach a little further and create the opportunity for a few portraits. One of these appears in the international newspaper, El País, here.

Another highlight was working with one of the biggest fans of the Oaxaca Film Festival, the horror film director Patricia Chica. In addition to showing her short, Serpent's Lullaby, Patricia was simultaneously covering the festival for MovieMaker.com. You can see some of the pictures I contributed to her coverage, as well as other highlights of the festival, the moments, the parties, here. 

This annual feast of filmmaking would not be what it is without its directors, Ramiz and Ana, and I'd like to join their many admirers in thanking them for their dedication to sustaining a truly unique festival, from its focus on leveraging the power of film to bring all parts of the Oaxacan community together, to creating a warm and welcoming environment for all those who participate in the festival, whether household name or unheard-of, whether screenwriter, actor or director, whether special invitee or general audience.

And here I will share some of their kind words for me.

Ana (English): "In-cre-di-ble work!!! All the photos are incredible and we are super-pleased with your work, really. Thank you so much for everything, you captured the festival how we wanted!!!!"

Ana (Español): "In-cre-ible trabajo!!! Las fotos todas están increíbles y estamos súper-contentos con tu trabajo, realmente. Mil gracias por todo, sí captaste el festival como queríamos!!!!"

Ramiz (English): "Thank you, Douglas, great work. Your photographs really enhanced the festival. Tremendous. I will be recommending you to anyone looking for quality photography and look forward to working with you next year."

Ramiz (Español): "Gracias, Douglas, excelente trabajo. Tus fotos realmente realzaron el festival. Tremendo tu trabajo. Te recomendaré a todos y estoy anticipando trabajar contigo el próximo año."


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