Douglas Favero Photography: Blog en-us (C) Douglas Favero (Douglas Favero Photography) Wed, 20 Jul 2022 04:13:00 GMT Wed, 20 Jul 2022 04:13:00 GMT Douglas Favero Photography: Blog 120 80 Surprise Proposal in the Jardín Etnobotánico: María + Teto What a glorious day to get engaged! In the striking natural beauty of Oaxaca's Jardín Etnobotánico, and then on to the deliciously pink City Centro Hotel in Jalatlaco. Congratulations, María and Teto!



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A few faves from the Convite of the Guelaguetza 2022 Just a few favorites from the Convite on the Andador Turístico, Calle Alcalá, in front of Santo Domingo Church, July 16th, 2022. 

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Oaxaca Destination Wedding: Amanda & David (Part One: Criollo, Calenda & GranaBnB) Part One (pre-wedding) of a beautiful wedding making the most of several sublime spaces in Oaxaca's historic downtown, from Criollo Restaurant, to Grana BnB, to Hotel Azul and the Jardín Etnobotánico, this was a splendid celebratory weekend. Congratulations, Amanda and David!

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Loma Noble Agaves: Epic Views for Destination Wedding Photography Another incredible destination wedding portrait session in Loma Noble Agaves. Just a half hour from Oaxaca's Downtown, yet a world away. 

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Holy Week - Semana Santa, Oaxaca, México A few moments from la Procesión Solemne de Entrada de Estandartes y Relicarios, on Tuesday, April 12th, 2022, in the Centro Histórico of Oaxaca.




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Elopement-turned-Destination Wedding: Diana + José An elopement which became an intimate celebration with the closest family and friends! From Hotel Misión de los Ángeles to Hotel Azul in the Centro Histórico. 




Coordinator: Oaxaca Destination Weddings

Follow me on Instagram! 

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Anny + Dario: Maternity A few faves from this sublime maternity session in the Jardin Etnobotánico with these lovely parents-to-be (with bonus of being from my home state and new home state 💞).

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Oaxaca Destination Wedding: Raquel + Alexander What a joyous day as Canada and Mexico came together in the beautiful spaces of Oaxaca's magical downtown, from el Callejón, to the Santo Domingo Church, to La Fábrica Patio. Here's a handful of faves from each part of the day. Congratulations, Raquel and Alexander!


DCIM\106GOPRO\G0059195.JPG DCIM\106GOPRO\G0079354.JPG DCIM\107GOPRO\G0090274.JPG DCIM\108GOPRO\G0111355.JPG DCIM\108GOPRO\G0111364.JPG DCIM\108GOPRO\G0111374.JPG Wedding Coordinator: Marcela González Eventos 

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Lucia + Rodrigo en Loma Noble Incredible, epic views, only a half hour from the city of Oaxaca, elevated this natural wedding portrait session to something truly special.


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Casa Oaxaca Cocktails Always a tremendous honor for me to collaborate with this exquisite, creative restaurant. Consistently named one of the best of Latin America. 

Here's a few faves from a recent cocktails shoot.

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Oaxaca Destination Wedding: Xochitl + Joaquin

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Paloma & Pepe Style, elegance, sublime peace and joy emanating from this gorgeous wedding at Quinta Real Hotel, Santo Domingo Church, and the Casa Boutique Don Luis. Congratulations Paloma and Pepe!

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Surprise! Proposal at Pitiona Surprise! Less than 24 hours before this unforgettable moment I was contacted by the groom-to-be with the question of where to capture his surprise proposal and I thought Ptiiona, with its unmatched view of Santo Domingo, at sunset, was the perfect place. Then we hit the streets to get some candids. Congratulations, Shane and Laura!

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La calenda oaxaqueña de Lucia + Rodrigo I ended up selecting so many of these shots of the calenda that I had to give them their own post. So here it is! The calenda is a part of the Oaxacan wedding celebration usually coming after the ceremony, in which the bride and groom (and a brass band and twirling globes and larger than life bride and groom dolls) parade down the streets dancing and sipping mezcal. The light and laughter and dancing of L + R and family and friends made this one stand out. Enjoy!

The groom busting a move with his father.

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Oaxaca Destination Wedding: Adriana + Alan Fun and relaxed, Adriana and Alan's pure enjoyment of their day together with close family and friends from Columbia, Mexico, and the US, poured through every moment and I felt honored to be there to capture them.

From City Centro Hotel to Criollo Restaurant, with special musical guests, Caboclo -- color, texture, laughter, and good times. 

Congratulations, Adriana and Alan!

Coordinator: Lore Chagoya

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Oaxaca Destination Wedding: Tamara + Alberto This was a glorious Friday and Sunday Jewish wedding at the Hotel Grand Fiesta Americana in Oaxaca's Centro Histórico, with the Sunday ceremony at La Fábrica Patio, and the formals and celebration were at the always stellar Jardín Etnobotánico. Congratulations, Tamara and Alberto! Just a few faves for now ... 

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Hotel Sin Nombre: Cris + Ricardo A few moments from the formals in Hotel Sin Nombre before the ceremony. ... 

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Paty + Rodolfo: Mexico Meets Peru Super fun wedding portraits for Paty and Rodolfo, from Mexico and Peru, in Oaxaca's historic downtown. Congratulations, Party and Rodolfo!

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A new view in Oaxaca: Hotel Flavia (Family Session) Just a few faves from this family session with Dr. Jaime Revilla Arguello at Hotel Flavia high above the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

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¡Cursos de verano!

¡Curso de verano de fotografía! 📸⁠

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Cada alumno saldrá con su certificado y un detalle. ⁠

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Still Life with Book Still Life with Book (special series). See the series and order prints directly from the website to your door here:

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Beyond Food Photography, at Casa Oaxaca el Restaurante One of the best collaborations I have enjoyed in Oaxaca has been with Casa Oaxaca el Restaurante. Led by chef Alejandro Ruiz, who grants free rein on my creative process during the shoots, this restaurant's attention to detail conjures every positive sensation, imbuing in everyone who passes through its spaces - restaurant, bar, and terrace - the feeling that they are living the good life. 

]]> (Douglas Favero Photography) best restaurants oaxaca mexico comida de oaxaca douglas favero photography fotografía gastronómica gastronomía oaxaqueña mexican gastronomy mexico's best restaurants Sat, 19 Jun 2021 13:54:45 GMT
Scarlett: Quinceañera Oaxaqueña, en las calles del Centro Histórico ¡Viendo el Centro Histórico con nuevos ojos durante esta sesión quinceañera!



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Syra + Jordi: Barcelona meets Mexico at Bar Selva and Restaurante Los Danzantes Barcelona meets Mexico during this intimate destination wedding at Bar Selva and Restaurante Los Danzantes in the Historic Downtown of Oaxaca. Congratulations Syra and Jordi! 

Barcelona y México se unen en esta intima boda de destino en Bar Selva y el restaurante Los Danzantes en el centro histórico de Oaxaca. Misa en Santo Domingo de Guzmán. ¡Felicidades, Syra y Jordi!

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Concha + Pepe: Relaxing engagement shoot in the afternoon sunshine Concha and Pepe were down for a totally relaxing casual engagement shoot in the glorious late afternoon sunshine of Oaxaca. 

]]> (Douglas Favero Photography) destination douglas favero photography engagement fotografia mexico oaxaca photographer photography session wedding Wed, 05 May 2021 15:39:12 GMT
Mother & Daughter What a lovely Mother's Day moment. 

The expressions here on the faces of mother and daughter in this embrace really say it all about the connection Ana Karen and Ana Paula share. Thank you for the opportunity to capture and preserve it for you, I am truly honored. 

Happy Mother's Day 2021!  

Mother & Daughter Fine-art portrait photography by Douglas Favero Oaxaca, MexicoHappy TogetherMother & Daughter
Fine-art portrait photography by Douglas Favero
Oaxaca, Mexico

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A Community on the Brink: Water Scarcity in Rural Oaxaca In the village of El Carmen, near Zaachila, in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, Mexico, the community has seen its natural water sources dry up over the past two decades. In response, different groups have banded together to come up with their own solutions. These involve identifying where rain water pools, and trying to retrieve it or at least slow its absorption into the sandy soil. This month I had the opportunity to capture images of the efforts of one of these groups, which has received some support from a foundation helping raise funds for the cisterns they need to capture water when it falls. 

This group also raises amaranth to sell, and meets each Sunday to contribute the small amounts each is able which is to go towards the purchase of cisterns. 

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about this project. 


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Karla + Philip: Engagement Photography, Santo Domingo, Centro Histórico de Oaxaca Karla and Philip's magical sun-drenched engagement afternoon at Santo Domingo Church and the surrounding cobblestoned streets, glorious sunlight, connected throughout, an amazing pair, united in their love of hiking and each other. Check out Karla's 52-hike challenge initiative at  


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Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead Oaxaca, México, 2020 A different year for sure. What's missing? Los tapetes--the colorful sand-based works of art on the floors and sidewalks, bordered by candles and flowers. Most of the elaborate altars. Los velorios--the visits to the cemetery. The live music--bands playing in the streets, concerts in the cemetery. The street theatre--representations of what these days mean. And of course the throngs of people who come to see how Day of the Dead is celebrated in Oaxaca, México, filling up the streets and cemeteries, many of them dressed as catrinas and catrins--the ladies and gentlemen of the dead. 


And yet, Day of the Dead is so strong in Oaxaca that even with all public events canceled and all cemeteries closed, one could still get a powerful sense of how it is celebrated here. Walking down the streets, you would find most businesses large and small had decorated their doorways and windows. You would find the markets and shops were full of the Bread of the Dead, hot chocolate, the cempasúchil (marigold) flowers, and the popular figurines, colorful paper adornments, candles, fruit, and other ingredients of the altars which are made to honor and remember the beloved who have passed.

Here are a few glimpses of my walks through the streets of Oaxaca during Day of the Dead in this strange year, 2020.


Cempasúchil fills a fountain in Jardín Carbajal on la Calle Alcalá.

Café la Brújula on la Calle Alcalá.

A catrina sits in a bar on Plaza Labastida. 

Barbed wire around a cempasúchil field in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca.

Cresta de Gallo flowers in Tlalixtac de Cabrera.

Cempasúchil in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca. 

Cresto de Gallo in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca. 

Cempasúchil in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca. 

A chapulín--grasshopper--in Cresta de Gallo flowers, in Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca. 

Handmade coffin and coffin-bearers (procesión de ataul), in the market of Tlalixtac de Cabrera, Oaxaca. 

Tejocotes (Hawthorn) with cactus, at Expendio Tradición at the corner of Calle Reforma and Calle Murguía, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca de Juárez.

Tapete de flores inmortales, maíz, totomoztle y máscara. (Immortal flowers, corn, corn husks, and mask.) Calle Murguía, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Catrins adorning the wall at Casa Murguía, on Calle Murguía, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Calla Alcalá, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Café Royale. Calle Garcia Vigil, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Calle Garcia Vigil, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Calle Garcia Vigil, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead), filling up the Pan Bamby bakery, on Calle Garcia Vigil, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Catrin and Catrina outside Pan Bamby bakery, on Calle Garcia Vigil, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Catrin and catrina outside El Restaurante Catedral, on Calle Garcia Vigil, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Restaurante Catedral, on Calle Garcia Vigil, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Calle Cinco de Mayo, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Calle Alcalá, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Calle Alcalá, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Several scenes on Calle Alcalá, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Patio before Los Danzantes Restaurant, Calle Alcalá, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca.

Cempasúchil and cresta de gallo flowers for sale outside a shop in Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México.

Mural in Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México.

Antiguo mercadito de Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México. (Old street market.)

Cempasúchil at antiguo mercadito de Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México. (Old street market.)

Antiguo mercadito de Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México. (Old street market.)

Antiguo mercadito de Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México. (Old street market.)

Antiguo mercadito de Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México. (Old street market.)

Buying flowers of the dead from the mototaxi, in Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México. 

Copy and gift shop selling flowers of the dead, Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México. 

Figurines of the dead, Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca, México.

(Stereotypical) borracho (drunk) sitting by cactus at Expendio Tradición, Murguía, Centro, Oaxaca. The bottle in his left hand was stolen or removed. 

(Stereotypical) borracho (drunk) sitting by cactus, with catrina and skeletons above, at Expendio Tradición, Murguía, Centro, Oaxaca. The bottle in his left hand was stolen or removed. 

Catrina, and catrins, adorning the entry and walls of Casa Murguía, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca, México, 2020. 

With Santo Domingo Church in the background, this wall by Sangre de Cristo Church, says, "When everything passes, I will look for you and hug you so tight that we will forget about time. When everything passes, I will need you more than ever." #TogetherIsBetter #ActiveOaxaca (or #ActivateOaxaca) 

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Fundamentals of Photography Course Goes Online!

The world is changing fast, and, with it, the world of online learning. While face-to-face learning will always have a special human element that no screen interface could ever match, the strengths and benefits of online learning are shining through powerfully in 2020. The worldwide effects of the pandemic and its aftershocks have hardly even begun to be seen. But one thing has become clear: the value of learning from home. The safety, convenience, and comfort online learning offers have never been appreciated more than during this time of lockdown. The resurgence of cases around the world when lockdowns are eased only underscore how valuable the option to stay at home is. 


Photography will always be a popular activity to learn because we love to take pictures and we love to see the pictures others have taken. We love to share moments, we love to create art, we love to be able to witness to the beauty or the danger of the world -- and photography allows us to do all of this. 

Best of all, photography is special in that the results we get from it we are able to treasure the rest of our lives -- and the value of our photographs only grows as the years go by. 


All of this is why I have begun preparing my most popular courses for you to enjoy online from the comfort of your home. The first of these is the first photography workshop I ever gave, back in 2012: Fundamentals of Photography. Back then it was called, From Snapshot to Photograph: See through the Eyes of a Photographer. It focused exclusively on the basics of artistic composition. 

The next course in the line-up back then was Light and Shadow. This course focused on the obvious--how to begin to see and use light and shadow in your photography--but it added the crucial element of how to master your DSLR camera. 

After a few rounds of these courses, it became clear to me that they should be combined into one. This is because together they make up the beginning of all courses to come. They work together as the foundation of your future as a photographer, no matter which direction you go--whether professional or amateur--whether street photographer or wedding photographer or whatever other genre you enjoy. 


The online version of Fundamentals of Photography covers everything that the in-person course covers: The essential elements of composition and all the crucial knowledge you need to use your camera as an instrument of your vision. It has the advantage over in-person courses of being able to do it wherever you are around the world, and of being able to pause and rewatch any segments you didn't quite catch the first time. Since I have taught this course many times over the years, I am able to anticipate most of your questions, and so I build in my answers into the course. If you have any questions I don't cover, you are free to contact me and I will help you through them. 


This course starts out at a very welcoming price, and so I encourage you to take advantage of this introductory price by getting in touch with me today. You can reach me at 52-951-280-0774,, or simply send me a message directly from this website by clicking "Get Started/Contact" above. 



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Oaxaca: Best City in the World according to Travel + Leisure World's Best Awards 2020 Travel + Leisure Magazine just announced that the winner of their "World's Best Awards" for cities is ... Oaxaca, Mexico! 

Cathedral, Sierra Norte, Oaxaca, MéxicoCathedral, Sierra Norte, Oaxaca, México

(Pictured: The Cathedral at the corner of Oaxaca's Zócalo, with view to Oaxaca's "Sierra Azul" mountains to the north. By Douglas Favero.)


See the complete 2019-2020 results here:

The award comes from T&L's annual World’s Best Awards survey, where "Travel + Leisure asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe — to share their opinions on the top cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more. Readers rated cities on their sights and landmarks, culture, cuisine, friendliness, shopping, and overall value."


ExConvento Santo Domingo, Oaxaca, MéxicoExConvento Santo Domingo, Oaxaca, México (Pictured: Detail of the Ex-Convent of Santo Domingo, now a world-class museum of Oaxacan history and culture. By Douglas Favero.)


T&L reports that "six countries — the U.S., Thailand, Italy, Japan, India and Portugal — each had two cities on the list," but only one country had more than two: Mexico! With a whopping FOUR CITIES on the TOP 25. Travelers fell in love with Mexico's "color, energy, authenticity, and creativity."

As for Oaxaca, Travel and Leisure readers loved it for being a place bursting with all kinds of the values travelers want in destinations these days: "Art, architecture, food, history, spirits of the drinking kind, and handicrafts."

(Pictured: Mezcal cocktail with fresh pineapple, Casa Oaxaca Restaurant. By Douglas Favero.)


One World’s Best voter, said Oaxaca is “one of the most delightful cities I've ever visited." Editors at the internationally renowned travel magazine added: "A center for mole and mezcal making, Oaxaca is filled with fantastic markets, including Mercado Benito Juárez, where visitors can find local staples like grasshopper tacos. The city also boasts both a modern art museum in a 17th-century mansion and, 20 minutes away, an impressive pre-Colombian archaeological site. Artisanal culture is not just alive in this southern Mexican city but thriving. “We visited a basket maker, a lady making red pottery, rug weavers who dye their own yarn, and an amazing group of woodcarvers that paint/decorate the carving,” reported one T+L reader, who presumably went home with an extra suitcase."

Around the Bend, Valles Centrales, Oaxaca, MéxicoAround the Bend, Valles Centrales, Oaxaca, México (Pictured: Landscape of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca. By Douglas Favero.)


How were the results measured?

The editors explain that, "A survey developed by the editors of Travel + Leisure, in association with research firm M&RR, was made available at from November 5, 2018 to March 4, 2019. Readers were invited to participate through Travel + Leisure magazine, T+L tablet editions, newsletters, social media, and M&RR maintained, monitored, and kept the survey website secure, and also collected and tabulated the responses. To protect the integrity of the data, after the survey closed, Travel + Leisure and M&RR screened the responses to identify fraudulent votes, which were eliminated from the final tallies.

Voters were asked to rank cities according to the following criteria: Sights/landmarks, culture, food, friendliness, shopping, value.


Perrito vs. Torito ii, Oaxaca, MéxicoPerrito vs. Torito ii, Oaxaca, México

(Pictured: "El torito" dance with fireworks on a papier-mache bull, as part of a wedding celebration at Santo Domingo church, with a very excited dog chasing the sparks. By Douglas Favero.)

Congratulations, Oaxaca!

]]> (Douglas Favero Photography) douglas favero photography oaxaca world's best cities travel and leisure magazine 2020 oaxaca mexico Mon, 13 Jul 2020 03:45:20 GMT
Quarantine Self-Portrait World-wide, photographers in quarantine, exhausting all other creative subjects ... have turned their lenses on ...


To see MY entry into this new genre,  ... make sure you are SIGNED UP to my mailing list! It's easy, just click on SIGN UP at or here on the Contact page just enter "ADD ME PLEASE."

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Retratos Fin de Curso

¡Aprovecha precios especiales! 

Asegurando la sana distancia y el espacio sanitizado, aprovecha de precios especiales en los retratos de fin de curso. Paquetes de impresiones y archivos para compartir en redes. Poses naturales que captan la mejor versión de ti.

Solo mándame un mensaje con el contact form o por Whats a 951-280-0774 o por

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Plática online gratis: Intro a la Fotografía, junio 2020
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Plática online gratis - intro a la fotografía. Para participar, solo mándame un párrafo sobre por qué te interesa saber más sobre la fotografía a cupo limitado. ¡Nos vemos el 2 de junio! #cursosonline #fotografia #cursosenlinea #cursosdefotografia

A post shared by Douglas Favero Weddings (@douglasfavero_weddings) on


Mi primera platíca online - gratis! El 2 de junio. Para participar, solo manda un párrafo a info[@] o por el contact form en esta página, sobre por qué te interesa saber más sobre la fotografía, y te pasaré los datos. ¡Espero verte ahí! 

]]> (Douglas Favero Photography) bases de la fotografía douglas favero photography online photography courses Fri, 29 May 2020 03:33:05 GMT
See my photos at the world's most complete mezcal directory Maguey Tobalá iMaguey Tobalá i

Mezcal is on the rise. With now over 200 brands, the industry has exploded in the past 10 years. Now you can find a number of high quality original artesanal mezcal in restaurants, bars, and mezcalerías, served to you whether "neat" (on its own) or in a deliciously refreshing cocktail, from Oaxaca to California to New York to London and beyond. But how do you find out where to go? Lots of websites and magazines have kept up with the spread of mezcal's popularity, publishing lists of the best brands and best places to enjoy this complex spirit. But there has not been one source that offers a comprehensive look at all of these experiences in one place. Until now. is the best place in the world to find the world's best mezcal experience, wherever you are or wherever you're going. Whether you are looking for the best bottle, or the right tour to mezcal's origins in Mexico, or the bar, mezcalería or restaurant serving it up in the way that fits your mood, will be the best place to find it. This brand new site is growing every day. 


As a member of the Oaxacan community since 2007, I am proud to offer this resource for those looking to delve into the world of mezcal. The best part about this project for me as a photographer is that it gives me one more place to share my photography of Oaxaca, and other cities, too. Please check it out, enjoy it, offer feedback, and pursue the experiences! 


If you own a brand, tour, restaurant, bar, or mezcalería, be sure to CLAIM YOUR LISTING and take control over how it appears on the site. Just sign in and follow the prompts. If you have any questions, get in touch!



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Oaxaca on Lockdown One recent afternoon I took a stroll around Santo Domingo. The sky was a nice clear blue, the nearly setting sun was behind light cloud cover, and the whole area was all but deserted. Like everyone, I hope that the lively scenes of calendas and pedestrians enjoying the colonial streets, world-class cuisine, and refreshing beverages in countless cafes and bars, return soon. 


To browse or purchase prints from the Santo Domingo gallery, go here. Free shipping on orders over US$35.

Browse or purchase here. Free shipping on orders over US$35.

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Ciudades Invisibles en la Casa de la Ciudad: Exposición Colectiva

Cuando tengan chance pasen a ver mi pieza en #ciudadesinvisibles #italocalvino #inauguración

A post shared by Douglas Favero Weddings (@douglasfavero_weddings) on


Cuando tengan chance vayan a ver mi pieza en #ciudadesinvisibles #italocalvino #inauguración @casadelaciudad

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¿Cuál cámara debo comprar? ¿Cuál cámara es mejor para principiantes? (2020) first dslr, beginner photography

De vez en cuando, amigos, alumnos de los talleres y clientes me preguntan, ¿Cuál cámara debo comprar? 

La respuesta es ... ESTA! no cuentas con ocho cientos mil pesos, y ni sabrías qué hacer con una cámara así si la tuvieras, cuál otra opción hay? ¿Cuál es la mejor cámara para el principiante? 

Este post pretende darte una respuesta útil, con algo de la info básica que necesitas para tomar una buena decisión. 

Antes que nada, tomamos la pregunta que todo el mundo pone a los profesionales que encuentran: ¿Canon o Nikon?

Y tienen razón, un Canon o un Nikon, la mayoría de las veces, es la cámara que verás en las manos del profesional. Así que, ¿debe ser lo mismo para ti? 

Puede que sí, o que no. Especialmente para el principiante, las marcas como Sony y Pentax ahora ofrecen alternativas bastante atractivas. Y aún más tentadoras son las micro 4/3 mirrorless. Por cierto, ¿qué ES un micro 4/3 mirrorless? Ver la explicación aquí. El mirrorless tiene sus ventajas y desventajas. Por el momento, basta decir que este post se trata solo de las DSLR. 

Así que, dado este increíble competencia entre las marcas, ¿siguen siendo los reyes de la jungla Canon y Nikon? En una palabra: Sí. Pero si necesitas otra opción, iría con Sony. Más y más pros ya cambiaron a Sony. Ok pero ¿Por qué limitarnos a estos tres? 

No es que las otras marcas ofrecen menos calidad. Es que, hay otro factor: El sistema. Cuando estás list@ para invertir en una cámara que te permite intercambiar lentes, estás formando parte de una familia. No solo en términos sociales, como, "Oye, qué padre, también eres de los Canon?" -- sino en términos del equipo fotográfico. Aquí algunas preguntas para entender como te afecta el sistema que escoges: Y si quiero otros lentes? Y si mi tío aficionado de la foto quiere heredarme su equipo viejo? Y si mi lente se rompe y necesito pedir prestado uno de mi amigo? Y si quiero comprar un flash u otro accesorio pero de otra marca porque es más económico, pero que todavía sirve con mi sistema? (Como este.)

Dado todas las posibilidades que pueden surgir, quieres la marca que de la mayor probabilidad de respuestas favorables. Algunas de las suposiciones anteriores nunca te sucederán. Pero por escoger una marca con much tradición, enorme cantidad de lentes, y que siempre cuenta con el apoyo de las marcas que se enfoquen en hacer accesorios, tienes dos al final que sobresalen: Canon y Nikon. Con Sony tomando el Bronze. 

Así que, te comparto mis recomendaciones finales.

Estas son las cámaras DSLR que se califican como las mejores para principiantes de las tres marcas más poderosas hoy en día. Cuentan con modo Program y otros Presets, para cuando ya no quieres pensar, y con modos manuales para seguir desarrollando tu técnica como fotógrafo profesional.

1. Nikon D3500

2. Canon Rebel T7

3. Sony Alpha a68





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What Camera Should I Buy? 2020 Edition A new year begins, and with it the resolution to become a better photographer. And for many that means taking the leap to owning an interchangeable-lens camera.

Friends, workshop students and clients ask, What camera should I buy?

The answer is ... THIS ONE!

But...if you don't have six and a half grand to blow on a camera, and you wouldn't know what to do with a camera like that even if you did, what other options are there? What's the best camera for a beginner?

I'll try to give you a useful answer, with some of the basic info you need to make a good decision.

First, the question most people ask when they approach a pro's camera with a curious peek, is: Canon or Nikon?

It is true, Canon or Nikon is usually what a pro will be using. So, should it be what you're using?

Not necessarily. For beginners especially, camera makers like Sony and Pentax have come up with attractive DSLR alternatives, and even more enticing micro 4/3 mirrorless options. What is a micro 4/3 mirrorless? See the explanation here. There are advantages and disadvantages to this new camera type. Suffice it to say, I will only be recommending DSLRs in this post. 

So, given this incredible competitiveness driving the digital photography market these days, are Canon and Nikon still kings of the hill? In a word: Yes. If you're looking for an alternative to these two, I'd go with Sony. Lots of pros are now shooting with Sony. Why do I narrow my recommendation to these three?

It is not that other brands are going to offer lesser quality. There is another factor to consider: System. When you are ready for a camera that allows you to change lenses, you're becoming part of a family. Not just socially, like, Hey you shoot Canon too? Cool! But gear-wise. Here are the questions you need to ask when you make an investment like this: What if I want other lenses? What if my uncle has an old lens he wants to give me? What if I break a lens and need to ask a friend to lend me one till I replace it? What if I want a flash or other accessory for my camera, but not one my camera brand makes? (Like a third-party flash at a much more accessible price.) 

Given all the possible scenarios that could come up, you want to go with the best bet. The brands that 3rd party flash and accessory makers are most likely to be focused on, the brand that most of your photography friends use, the brand that, if you were to inherit a lens, would most likely work with your camera. Some scenarios, you may never run into. But by going with a brand with a long history, lots of lenses, a brand that third-party accessory makers always give top priority when releasing their new offerings, then you're back to the two giants: Canon and Nikon. With Sony taking bronze. You could hand the bronze to Pentax, as this reviewer has done. It's a close one, but Sony has been making great strides lately.

So here are my final recommendations. Each of these is the top beginner DSLR for each of the top brands. Each comes with plenty of manual controls to take your photography skills to the next level, and loads of presets and program mode, for when you're tired of thinking about it and just want to shoot. 


1. Nikon D3500

2. Canon Rebel T8i

3. Sony Alpha a68



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Morgan + Luis: Mexico, Korea, Midwest US Present in Oaxaca's Historic Downtown What a gorgeous day in the Quinta Real Hotel and Los Danzantes Restaurant, in the heart of Oaxaca's Historic Downtown, with family and friends with roots from South Korea, Mexico, and the US celebrating to the hilt with the novios, a couple of the loveliest people I've ever met. Thank you Morgan and Luis, what an honor to capture your special day. 

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Mayra + Nico

More soon! 

Coordinator: Vero Vivas Eventos

Hair and Make-up: Adrian's Studio

Catering: Quinta Real

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Rutopía: Mujeres Milenarias de Oaxaca What an adventure to ride along with Rutopía on their trip to Oaxaca's Mixteca region to partake of the pulque, home-cooked tamales, and rural mountain living of the Mujeres Milenarias. 


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Paloma + José Antonio Save the Date! Both architects, José Antonio and Paloma wanted their love of design in their engagement photos. They got their wish on this sublime morning at Centro de Arte San Agustín. Take a look!

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Sara + Alejandro: El estilo del Centro Histórico de Oaxaca Esta boda tenía todo lo mágico del Centro Histórico de Oaxaca, las texturas y colores y familias de generaciones del orgullo del Centro, y se celebró en el nuevo espacio de la Casa Murguía. Mi momento favorito era cuando el novio, la novia, y sus amigos que sí pueden cantar excelente tomaron cada quien su turno con el Mariachi. Regresa para ver esas, ya que lo que hay aquí es solo una prueba de los primeros momentos de este magnífico día. ¡Viva, Sara y Alejandro, Viva! 

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Vanessa + Anthony: In the footsteps of her ancestors Vanessa, from Chicago by way of Tlacolula, wanted to be in touch with where she came from for her engagement session. She and Anthony, also from Chicago but whose family came from Northern Mexico, experienced the morning walking through her family's hometown of Tlacolula on Sunday, market day, wearing traditional dress. They wandered through the church courtyard, received a blessing from an aunt in the market, caught up with an uncle, flipped tasajo on the grill, and prayed in the church. It was a tremendous honor for me to be trusted with documenting the love and care Vanessa showed throughout the day in immersing herself in the traditional life her parents and grandparents had known growing up.


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Melanie + Matthias: At the border of Mexico and Switzerland What a fun gathering of M + M's closest friends and family on the terrace at Mesquite in the Centro Histórico. They came from Switzerland and from around Mexico and really got loose during the Calenda going around the block and later in the evening sang Mariachi and danced la Macarena together. Congratulations, M + M!


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The Kundalini Research Institute Yoga Teacher Instruction Graduation What an honor to capture the graduation ceremony for this cohort from the Kundalini Research Institute Yoga Teacher Instruction Course at Restaurante Las Palmeras. Congratulations to all!

Qué honor captar la ceremonia de graduación para este grupo del curso por parte de Kundalini Research Institute Yoga en Teacher Instruction en el Restaurante Las Palmeras. ¡Felicidades!

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Award-Winning Oaxaca Destination Photographer It is my pleasure to share with you a couple of my newly award-winning photographs from my destination weddings this year! I am looking forward to adding to these as often as possible. 

Full disclosure: I used to believe that the work speaks for itself, that awards tell you about trends more than they do about the actual quality of the photographs, and I STILL DO believe this! BUT, the truth is, it is fun to win awards and be part of a community of photographers always pushing themselves to the next level of artistry and expertise. And I have to admit it is fun for my fans and clients to see my work be recognized as well. So just last month I decided to join a highly respected international photography community called Wedding Photojournalists Association, and have already begun having my work recognized and this has indeed helped push me in the direction I have wanted to commit myself more fully, which is towards photojournalism, or documentary wedding photography.

What this means for you, dear bride and groom, is going beyond beautiful portraits, detail shots, and "candids" more than I ever have before, to capture the "decisive moment" as much as possible. What is the difference between a candid and a "decisive moment" capture? A candid may show a great reaction on someone's face, for example, but nothing more, while a photograph of the "decisive moment" (coined by iconic French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson) captures the emotional significance of the moment at the same time as it composes the elements in the frame in harmony with each other. Now you're saying, Whaaa??? In short, it means more POWERFUL images! Images that transcend "traditional" wedding photography and make you inhabit the day of your wedding even more deeply. To be sure, I have always striven for this, which you can see in hundreds of my photographs from past weddings right here on the blog. The difference now is simply that I am armed with more tools, more inspiration, and more determination to capture the "decisive moment" than ever before. 

Oaxaca Destination Weddings, Wedding Photojournalists Association, Douglas Favero PhotographyOaxaca Destination Weddings, Wedding Photojournalists Association, Douglas Favero Photography Oaxaca Destination Weddings, Las Palmas Huatulco, Wedding Photojournalists AssociationOaxaca Destination Weddings, Las Palmas Huatulco, Wedding Photojournalists Association



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Jacqueline + Gabriel's Intimate Clifftop Wedding with Epic Views of the Pacific  Up a windy road above the bays of Huatulco sits Las Palmas, a handful of wonderful villas with infinity pools overlooking the Pacific. Here Jacqueline and Gabriel danced the night away with their closest family and friends. What a time! Take a look!

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Carlos + María: Hierve el Agua Surprise Engagement I liked Carlos' idea from the start, and it only got better as we developed it. The best part is that it unfolded as planned, and his girlfriend María was totally surprised. 

The plan was they would arrive together at Hierve el Agua, and without her knowing it, I would already be there just taking pictures. Then Carlos would approach me to take a picture of them, after which I would offer to take a few more. After awhile, Carlos would take the ring out of his pocket and take a knee.... Here's how it unfolded!

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Exposición: El Umbral PosterPoster

Te invito a la inauguración de mi exposición fotográfica MAÑANA en la Casa de la Ciudad en el Centro Histórico, Oaxaca. Da testigo a la historia del tiempo del Centro Histórico, sitio de patrimonio mundial del UNESCO, a través de sus texturas de 24 puertas, umbrales y ventanas impresionantes.

¡Sería genial verte ahí! 

Qué: Exposición fotográfica
Cuándo: Jueves, 4 de julio, 2019
Dónde: Planta alta, Casa de la Ciudad, Calle Porfirio Diaz, esq. Morelos
A qué hora: 6:30 p.m.


El pasado casi nunca es verdaderamente pasado, y la geografía cultural de Oaxaca es un recordatorio diario de este hecho. Las generaciones pasadas, y sus maneras de vivir, no son distantes, ni olvidadas, ni rechazadas, ni pisadas, ni borradas, sino son cercanas, recordadas, abrazadas, incorporadas a la vida cotidiana. La experiencia de caminar por la calle aquí en el centro histórico es una experiencia densa, con muchas capas y texturas a través del tiempo.

Mientras el siglo XIX dio paso al siglo XX, el fotógrafo francés Eugene Atget dedicó horas de su vida a documentar un París que estaba en camino hacia el olvido en lo que la ciudad se modernizaba. Sus esfuerzos han inspirado esta exposición, porque Oaxaca ha cambiado mucho desde que llegué en 2007, y la velocidad de este cambio parece estar acelerándose. Uno de los aspectos más sorprendentes de este cambio es la rapidez con que se olvida cómo fue antes de los cambios. 

Estas fotografías abarcan la mayor parte de esta década y han sido elegidas por la forma en que hablan de los misterios de la vida cotidiana en Oaxaca y de los detalles comunes, incluso mundanos, de la vida cotidiana. Hablan de cómo los misterios y lo mundano a menudo se entremezclan. 

El Centro Histórico de Oaxaca ha sido un sitio del patrimonio mundial de la UNESCO desde 1987, y sus orígenes se remontan a finales del siglo XV. Mientras que los edificios del siglo XVI todavía existen en el Centro, la mayoría son del siglo XVII y posteriores, edificios hechos de adobe con capas de yeso y pintura haciendo cada uno es una obra de arte que nunca podría ser replicado o reemplazado. 

¡Nos vemos en la Casa de la Ciudad mañana jueves, el 4 de julio!

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TALLERES DE VERANO 2019! ¡Ser parte de estos increíbles talleres y saltar al otro nivel como fotógrafo!


  • Fundamentos de la Fotografía (8 a 11 de julio)
  • Retratos Vivos (15 a 18 de julio)
  • Fotografía de Noche (22 a 25 de julio)

Márcame con confianza con cualquier duda a 951-280-0774, y inscríbete ya, porque cupo es limitado. 

Cuento con 6 años como maestro de talleres fotográficos en la Ciudad de Oaxaca. Puedes revisar cursos previos aquí:


Aquí les comparto la descripción de cada taller, y su precio. Contáctame con cualquier duda o para inscribirte:




Curso comprensivo para principiantes. Al final, podrás dominar los controles manuales de la cámara, tanto como los elementos fundamentales de la composición. Harás el salto de tomar instantáneas en AUTO, a lograr tu visión en MANUAL con fotos tomadas con propósito. Inversión: $1,300


Un favorito dinámico y divertido, este curso se puede disfrutar desde cualquier nivel--principiante, intermedio o avanzado. Aprenderás como crear la luz y el ambiente de tu visión, como lograr poses, expresiones y movimientos que rinden las emociones naturales que pretendes compartir a través de la fotografía. Inversión: $1,400


Otro favorito, para alumnos avanzados, al final serás maestro de la noche. Durante la semana aprenderás un repertorio completo de las maneras divertidas y creativas de aprovechar todo de lo que la noche ofrece al fotógrafo. Inversión: $1,500


APARTA YA! 951-280-0774. 

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Lili + Omar: Hotel Quinta Real & Santo Domingo Church Lilia y Omar disfrutaron su día al máximo - como se ve en estas fotos, felicidades Lilia y Omar!

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Rosalva + Enrique: Epic Hierve el Agua Maternity Session Epic Hierve el Agua Maternity Session! Congratulations Rosalva and Enrique!

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Kristina + Pablo: Expendio Tradición, Hotel Quinta Real, & Jardín Etnobotánico Kristina and Pablo's fun, fantastic wedding weekend at Expendio Tradición, Hotel Quinta Real, & the Jardín Etnobotánico, three of downtown Oaxaca's most wonderful places to enjoy friends, family, and life. The weekend was kicked off right when their guests had such great things to say about them during the welcome cocktail. Congratulations, Kristina and Pablo, it was an honor to capture these moments for you!


See the rest here!

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Nicole +Carlos: Gorgeous Garden Maternity Session in Oaxaca's Jardín Etnobotánico

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Margoth + Isaac: Gorgeous Garden Wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico Gregarious, sociable, the life of the party, Isaac would become calm, captivated, and tender with Margoth in his arms. Sharing a heritage in Northern Mexico and Texas, and with their personalities complementing each other, and both so kind and fun, it was natural that their day would be filled with beauty and laughter. They celebrated their weekend with friends and family from the US and Mexico, at the Hotel Quinta Real, Santo Domingo Church, and Ethnobotanical Garden of Oaxaca. Congratulations on your lovely celebration, Margoth and Isaac, and thank you for the honor of having me be a part of it.